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Children who are read to at home become active readers.

fll-1.gif (3387 bytes) They do better at school, and read to their own children in  turn. The closeness and sharing of regular family reading times build values that last.
Any family with at least one preschool child is eligible for the family literacy program. A parent who wants to read better is provided with an individual tutor at no cost. Parents enrolled in the program are also encouraged to bring their children to family story times on Sundays. On these Sundays, an experienced teacher reads stories and provides enjoyable educational activities for the children. The parents become aquatinted with the story and then receive a free copy of the book to take home and read to their children.
To encourage reading in the home, tutors help parents keep a monthly calendar, marking each time parents read to their children, For each ten times families read together, they receive a free children's book fll-2.gif (5350 bytes)

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