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General Literacy

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Any adult who speaks and reads English well enough to communicate with others is a candidate for our General Literacy Program.

General literacy is the backbone of the Humboldt Literacy Project. Each adult works with an individual turor or with others in a small group. As each learner achieves his or her educational objectives, they set new goals to obtain.

Adult literacy students are divided into 4 groups:

red_ball.gif (1018 bytes) Pre-alphabet red_ball.gif (1018 bytes) Alphabet red_ball.gif (1018 bytes) BasicWorks red_ball.gif (1018 bytes) Pre-GED


Students in the Pre-alphabet group:
  • Begin with alphabet boxes
  • Move on into our Humboldt Primer
    The Alphabet group’s curriculum is:
  • Language Experience Techniques
  • Handwriting
  • Oral Reading
The Basic Works group uses:
  • Language Experience
    Approaches, emphasizing comprehension.
    The last group, Pre-GED, requires
    the following to prepare for:
  • Background work, such as fiction and non-fiction reading
  • Specific subject and test-taking preparation

The Humboldt Literacy Center
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(707) 445-3655

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